The artist was born and grown up in Albania, the most isolated European country where during the communist regime any forms of “isms” apart of Socialist Realism were classified as heresy. Doko’s work evolves from childhood interpretations of daydream fantasies. The lines conjured by finger innocently on the dew of windows back home during harsh winter in Tirana inspired him to paint in canvas many years later in New York. The Politics of Disobeying Lines is a visualisation of metaphysical reflections and intimate immensity experienced as a child.


By depicting the subjects of Coffee and Sand in the following series, the artist continues his loyalty to innocent interpretations. The stylistic range of childish perception with natural elements (real coffee,cocoa poweder and sugar) evokes an atmosphere in images, consequences of long observations shaped in artist’s memories. Nostalgia when as a child used to “paint” often with residue at the bottom of the coffee cups left by family guests is explored in series of The Poetry of Coffee offering an original taste.


In The Poetry of Sand the artist is trying a different conjunction of multilayered grainy material by mixing it with medium.  Filtering by memory the fantasy and childhood dreams using the same small scope, Doko offers nascent images of Sand. The viewers are invited to pour their own light to realize that when melancholy speaks, the surreal and dreamlike become physical.